About the runtest library


When testing numerical codes against functionality regression, you typically cannot use a plain diff against the reference outputs due to numerical noise in the digits and because there may be many numbers that change all the time and that you do not want to test (e.g. date and time of execution).

The aim of this library is to make the testing and maintenance of tests easy. The library allows to extract portions of the program output(s) which are automatically compared to reference outputs with a relative or absolute numerical tolerance to compensate for numerical noise due to machine precision.

Design decisions

The library is designed to play well with CTest, to be convenient when used interactively, and to work without trouble on Linux, Mac, and Windows. It offers test scripts a basic argument parsing. All host program independent code has been collected into the core library. The aim is to keep host program specifics minimal and to specify and keep them in adapter scripts outside the core library.